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Our team is made up by Andrés Dauhajre, Jr. (MA 1981, M.Phil 1983, Ph.D in Economics, Columbia University 1983), Jacqueline Mora (MS in Applied Macroeconomics, Pontificia University Católica de Chile), Elizabeth Riley de Dauhajre (BA in Economics, Concordia University, Montreal, MA in Economics, PUCMM, MBA Barna) and Nicole Peña (BA in Economics from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra).
Among the distinguished economists that have been associated with the Fundación in the past are Rita Mena Peguero (MS Ohio State University, MS in Applied Macroeconomics, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile), Jaime Aristy Escuder (Ph.D. in Economics, University of Barcelona, MSc Finance, University of Chicago), Raul Hernandez (Ph.D. in Economics, Rutgers University), Manuel Amador (Ph.D. in Economics, MIT) and José Alfredo Guerrero (MS in Economics from Ohio State University).
The Fundación and its economists have contributed, directly in some cases and indirectly in others, to the adoption of a significant part of the economic stabilization policies and structural reforms that have been implemented in the Dominican Republic since the beginning of the 1980s.

Jacqueline Mora
Jacqueline Mora
Elizabeth Riley de Dauhajre

Some of the reforms, policies and actions that our economists have been involved with are: the exchange rate unification of 1983, the reform of the Foreign Investment law in 1986; the partial privatization of state electricity companies in 1988; the liberalization of fuel prices in 1990; the tariff reform of 1990; the tax reform of 1992; the economic stabilization program of 1990-1993; the opening of the telecommunications market to competition in 1997; the program of focalized subsidies proposed to the elected authorities in June 1996; the replacement of a fixed amount fuel tax for a selective tax in 1996 that generated additional tax income of 0.6% of GDP; the tax reform of 2000; the inaugural incursion of the Dominican Republic into the global capital market; the pension reform of 2001; the actions taken to avoid the risk of moral hazard after the banking fraud discovered in 2003; the tax reform of 2012; the renegotiation of the contract with Pueblo Viejo Dominicana Corporation (Barrick-Gold) and the advance payment against a discount of the Dominican Republic’s debt with PDVSA (Petrocaribe). Our team has either worked directly with the policy makers that designed these policies, provided advisory services or contributed to their successful approval and execution by helping explain the benefit of these actions through the press and television media, as part of our economic education program.

Nicole Peña

Internship Programs
for Research Assistants

Since its inception, the Fundación has had a prestigious Research Assistant Program, made up of undergraduate students in economics in national universities who are at the top of their class. Our research assistants represent an important pillar of the research work carried out by the Fundación.

The Internship Program lasts between 6-12 months. After the students have finished their bachelor degrees and have completed the internship program, we help them join the labor market, either in the private sector or the public sector. Likewise, we encourage and support them in the admission process graduate programs in the United States, England and Chile.

The students who are currently working as research assistants are: Alejandro Balcácer, Neil Carvajal, María Castro, Andrés Pérez, Luis Prida, Vladimir García, and Roberto Guzmán, all under the direction of the economist Nicole Peña.

Some economists who were research assistants in the past are David Corcino (currently pursuing an MPA at Princeton University), María del Mar Castaños (currently pursuing an MA in statistics at Stanford University), María Marte (currently pursuing an MPA/ID at the Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University), Maite De Jesús (currently pursuing an MPP at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics), Manuel Veras (Treasury Department), Pierina Forastieri (Treasury Department), Víctor Díaz (BCRD), Marie Chantel Montas (SISALRIL), Eduardo Rancier (Treasury Department), Jesús Mitayne (BANRESERVAS), Ivan Greneway (BCRD), Oliver González (Treasury Department), Jose Faisal Tavárez (BANRESERVAS), Pamela Sánchez (Ministry of the Presidency), Edmundo Houllemont (BCRD), Kiara Rodríguez (DIGEPRES), Francisco Guerrero (Scotiabank), José Melo (Deloitte), Adrian Piña (MLB), Graciela Burgos (DIGEPRES), María Del Riego (MEPyD), María Victoria Abreu Malla, Jose Miguel Cuervo, Miguel Llibre, Ana Patricia Nuñez, Alexis Ramirez, Susy Sánchez (World Bank), Alexia Infante, Oty Rosario, Ivette Hernandez (BCRD), Miguel Collado (CREES), Martín Francos (PUCMM and MEPyD) and Cesar Garcia.

Alejandro Balcácer, Neil Carvajal, José Vladimir García, María Fernanda Castro, Nicole Peña, Roberto Guzmán, Luis Prida, Andrés Pérez
María Fernanda Castro
María Fernanda Castro
María Guzmán
María Guzmán
Juan Sebastián Ubiera
Juan Sebastián Ubiera
Andrés Eduardo Pérez
Andrés Pérez